Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thrift thwarter

I love the thrift. I really do. You take things there, you come home with others, it's like a big river of giving, where any trip could land you a treasure and you can help others be happier, too.

The downside is that if you aren't careful, you come home with way more things than you planned (or need), you put off going through your stuff to get your old things moving out of the house, and then, well, you know what happens. Your house looks like a junk shop from the "to-be-fixed" piles, and you can't find anything. So you go shopping again because it feels good. Yeah. I know about that. This year, I'm being extra mindful of my closet.

I learned a new word from Etsy today, destashing. It even sounds nice, doesn't it? Everyone likes a stash of goodies. One really beautiful thing I've learned to do on Etsy is trade, because pretty much anything I could want in order to fix my own things is available there. I'm not the only one who's trying to find the right accessories, a matching belt buckle, a specific kind of bead, an obscure reference book. There are some items I do want to sell, the ones that help with rent. Others I'm quite cheerful to mail off in trade for the special doodads I need to finish some project that's been sitting undone in a trunk. This is the year I finish ALL THE PROJECTS. (And do not start any new ones!) I even brought a suitcase full of sewing to my latest job, so I have something different to do in the evenings. When I'm done with all the undones, by gum, I'm going to get out my oil paints and do some artwork and write more poems. For fifteen years I've carted around some of these half-finished dresses and skirts and Renn faire things. I gave away all the undones I know I won't wear or want - my friends were glad to finish something I'd started to keep for themselves. Sewing is one of those time consuming "arts" you really don't want to undertake unless you're going to LOVE the results.

This current job seems special. He bought a cute little fixer-upper, but as happens sometimes, he tried to fix everything at once, life happened, and had kind of a fail - threw up his hands and let it go a while, now is trying some reconnaissance. It's overgrown with weeds, the paint's peeling, the yard's full of half-finished garden projects, the garage was never really unpacked, the house lacking a cohesive sense of organization. It's absolutely my kind of joyful job. I'm told he's a very giving person, the kind of person who doesn't do for himself what he'd do for others. Don't you just love an opportunity to give someone like that a hand? I do!

I hope your New Year's is measuring up to your expectations. What have you learned lately about your things that you didn't know before?

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